Building Registration Form 

The Australian Government has announced that apartment and townhouse residents in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast & Mildura can take advantage of a FREE technical survey on their building’s digital television readiness. Australian Digital Testing is working on behalf of the Australian Government to conduct research into hospitals, nursing homes, apartment buildings in the areas mentioned

The inspections have now been completed for Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Gold Coast. In October 2009 inspections will be carried out in Mildura. Inspections of private and public hospitals in Sydney and Melbourne will also be scheduled during October 2009.


There is a limit on the number of residential buildings selected for inspection. Early registrations will be given priority in the selection process. Please be aware that if your residential building is selected, it will be necessary to arrange for access to the communications/antenna area and to at least 2 apartments to take TV signal measurements at the wall plates. These measurements take no longer than 10 minutes in each apartment. signal measurements at the wall plates.

The selected buildings will undergo a full technical inspection of the TV reception system and a free report will be provided highlighting the conversion cost and likely time-frame of any upgrade.


The following registration details will provide Australian Digital Testing with the information necessary to consider your residential building or hospital for nomination.

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